Weekend reads + some news.

Stories/videos/whatnot from around the web that I enjoyed this week:

1. This is the funniest and most appalling thing I’ve read this week.

These people were elected by someone. They make decisions for my state.

But on the bright side, the reporting and story structure, from a fellow AMG reporter, is brilliant: Things I learned during the Alabama Legislature’s 10 Commandments debate today. By @WarOnDumb.

2. A beautiful blog from Merrimack Hall founder Debra Jenkins about her work with special needs kids in the Huntsville community: Dreaming With Your Feet.

Debra is a force of nature and I knew she was good at a ton of things. I didn’t know she’s also a lovely writer.

3. If you’ve ever been annoyed by cheesy church signs (or like the internet meme), you’ll dig this well-done video (cue the slow claps). Blurred Lines Parody – Church Signs.

4. And speaking of church, if you’re a femenist-y type of Christian like I am, you’ll dig this funny and spot-on post from Rachel Held Evans: If men got the Titus 2 Treatment.

My favorite lines: “Nowhere in Scripture is a man of God described as sitting at a desk in an office building from nine to five.  Nowhere. So men who wish to honor God with their lives and humbly submit to His will should make physical labor their primary occupation, and resist the urge to give in to our culture’s glorification of “white collar” work, which is a departure from biblical principles of masculinity. ”

5. Here’s a helpful read for fellow journalists, shared on FB by fab journalist (and soon-to-be author) Carla Jean Whitley. It’s one of those “I need to bookmark this good stuff” kinds of posts: 10 Tools for Entrepreneurial Journalists.

6. One of the more ridiculous things I’ve written for AL.com in a while, but it got a lot of response on FB and from reader emails, so that kinda justifies it for me: What’s in your purse?. (I was waiting all day for the “this is the stupidest article on AL.com” comments, and felt perversely gratified when one finally came.)

7. Also, I’m pregnant. And on a whim I turned the announcement into a post for AL.com.

Happy weekend, everybody.



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  1. Thank you for mentioning me! I am so proud of the story you wrote about my blog…you captured the spirit of Merrimack Hall, our programs and our students just perfectly. I love your blog and have been reading it non-stop all weekend! I am a devoted follower!

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